Dogs are beloved members of the family, but they require a significant amount of time to keep them happy and healthy. As well as exercising your dog every day, you’ll need to spend time playing with your pup, feeding them and giving them belly rubs. If you want to incorporate a dog into your life, take a look at these five innovative ways to take the stress out of caring for your dog:

1. Choose the Right Breed

If you haven’t chosen a pup yet, take the time to ensure you’re getting the right breed. Some dogs require much more exercise than others, while some breeds are easier to train. Similarly, some dogs thrive in busy environments, while others prefer a slower pace of life. Instead of choosing a dog based on how they look, do your research and find out which breeds are most suited to your lifestyle. This ensures your dog will be a happy member of your family and will make it easier for you to give them to attention and affection they need.

2. Arrange a Food Subscription

When it comes to your dog’s essentials, food is definitely at the top of the list! Your pup won’t be happy if you run out of their favorite dinner, so why not take the hassle out of shopping and sign up for a dog food subscription instead?

Not only does a subscription make it easier to ensure you’ve always got food on hand, but you can also ensure your dog is getting high-quality, nutritious meals when you choose the right subscription. At Bella & Duke, for example, their range of raw dog foods enable owners to feed their dogs a natural, protein-rich diets that’s designed to optimize your pup’s health. What’s more – they offer a dog food subscription and deliver packages right to your door, so keeping your dog well-nourished is easier than ever.

3. Introduce a Crate

If your dog is young, crate training can be a great way to teach them how to behave and it has the added benefit of giving your pup somewhere secure to retreat to. If you have young kids, for example, you can teach them to give the dog some quiet time when it’s in its crate. As a result, your dog will learn to go to its crate when it wants to rest or unwind without being bothered.

Having a crate can also be useful if you plan on traveling with your dog. In the crate, it provides a little extra security and can stop your pet getting anxious, for example. Similarly, you’ll need to crate your dog if you take them on a ferry or on some long-distance trains. If they’re already used to the environment and familiar with their own crate, this makes the process a whole lot easier and less stressful for everyone.

4. Install a Doggy Door

If you’re constantly getting up to let your dog in an out of the garden, a doggy door could be the ideal solution. With a signal from your dog’s collar, the door will only allow your pet to enter, so you won’t need to worry about animals deciding to set up residence in your home. Furthermore, easy access to the garden will encourage your pet to spend more time outside and help them to get a healthy amount of exercise every day.

5. Use a GPS Tracker

The thought of losing your pet is terrifying for dog owners and, no matter how careful you are, it only takes seconds for a dog to bolt. Although a microchip can help to ensure you’re reunited with your pet if they go missing, you’re relying on the fact that they’ll be found and that someone will take them to a vet or shelter where they can be scanned.

With a GPS tracker, however, you can track your dog’s location instantly and stop them wandering further field. While they’re not an alternative to microchips, they’re an easy and inexpensive way to keep track of your dog and give yourself peace of mind.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Caring for your dog is a big responsibility but it’s something the whole family can get involved with. If you decide to get a pet jointly, then everyone in the household should have their own pet-care chores to attend to. One person may be responsible for feeding your pup, another for early morning walks and another for a late-night stroll, for example.

By sharing the responsibility, you can ensure that your pup gets everything he or she needs, without the burden falling on to one person. As well as making your life easier, this can help your dog to socialize and will ensure they feel comfortable and confident with everyone in your household.