Let’s face it: so much confusion involved in buying a home makes it difficult for people to make the right choice. Getting a mortgage requires prospects of homeownership to think about all the factors involved. There are so many requirements to fulfill, like providing info about your income to get a mortgage plan. Before buying your home, you also have to think about different mortgage options to control your life. One of the terms that confuse potential homebuyers is Pre-Approved and Pre-Qualified. Are you confused about these terms as well? Keep reading if your answer is “yes.”

Getting Pre-Qualified

Pre-Qualification of a person means that they are likely to get approved for a mortgage plan. In other words, it is the casual approach of a mortgage lender. Homeowners must get Pre-Qualified before they can get a mortgage plan. The mortgage you get after getting Pre-Qualified is not fixed, and it can change after further analysis by the mortgage lender.

How To Get Pre-Qualified

Homeowners have to provide essential information like assets and debt or getting Pre-Qualified. A credit check to get Pre-Qualified is not necessary for homeowners either. So you don’t have to worry about arranging your documents before you get the Pre-Qualified status. Lenders make sure to help their prospects in this phase. You can check out the Lend For All for more details.

Benefits Of Getting Pre-Qualified

Don’t think that getting Pre-Qualified wastes your time as it leaves you with a rough estimation. On the contrary, in your pre-qualification process, you get to learn about your mortgage provider and understand whether it is an excellent choice to get a mortgage from them or not. The main benefit of Pre-Qualification is that you learn what amount you can get from your mortgage lender.

Getting Pre-Approved 

Mortgage Pre-Approved status means that a prospective homeowner knows more precisely what amount they can get from their mortgage lender. This Pre-Approval implies that a person is more likely to get a mortgage. Another thing about Pre-Approval is that mortgage lenders may take up more time to process the application.

How To Get Pre-Approved

You have to file a complete mortgage application before you get your Pre-Approved status. You also have to provide several documents as well. Getting documented from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is another requirement you must fulfill. Apart from these, you also have to declare your assets, give your debt information, show your income, and declare your identity to your mortgage lenders, among various documents.

Benefits Of Getting Pre-Approved

Homeowners have to estimate how much support they can get from their mortgage lender. A Pre-approval shows you how much you can get from them. Pre-approval also offers you the interest rates on your mortgage, so it gives you a better insight into your future mortgage plan. You may even get a rate hold on your interest plan as well if you get Pre-approved by your mortgage lender.


If you are going to buy a home on the mortgage shortly, you must ensure that you get both Pre-Approved and Pre-Qualified status to know how you can arrange your financial future.