Fashion sense can vary hugely depending on where you live and what your daily activities consist of. A lot of people who live in the cities tend to end up being more aware of fashion trends and more likely to follow them, partially due to the surrounding shops that will have everything readily available, but also due to practicality. Living in a city means you don’t have to think about getting your feet muddy, since you will most likely only be walking on concrete.In a city, you will be able to wear a big range of shoes without having to think about them getting ruined. This is particularly exciting if you are a shoe person, as you can invest in whatever styles of shoes you like which will really broaden your horizons. To make the most of this, here are some ideas for some pairs of shoes you simply must own if you are living in a city.

A Great Pair of Sandals

Depending on where you live and how much sun you get, you may use sandals only a few times per year, or you may end up using them for a significant proportion of the year. Either way, it is a good idea to invest in some comfortable yet trendy men’s sandals that you can rely on year in, year out for those particularly warm days. There is absolutely nothing worse than overheating because your feet cannot get enough air, so if you have a pair of sandals that you can whack on when it gets hot, you will feel much more liberated.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get too much sun but still has a few sunny days during the summer and as a result you do not want to get multiple pairs of sandals, invest in one versatile pair. This way, you can pair them with a ‘business-like’ outfit and make them appropriate for work, as well as pairing them with something more casual for day-to-day wear. If this is what you are after, going for something neutrally colored with a fairly plain style is probably your best option. This could be a classic black pair, or even nude or white.

Some Classy Designer Shoes

As mentioned, living in the city means it is much harder to ruin a pair of shoes – unless you are a regular dog walker, you probably won’t be walking through much mud, so your shoes should stay sparkling clean. Therefore, why not treat yourself and buy a pair of classy designer shoes for your wardrobe? These could either be a casual pair that you can wear on a regular basis or a statement pair that you just bring out for special occasions. Either way, city life is perfect for this and you will feel super confident when strutting around in your cool new footwear.

If you aren’t quite sure which ones to go for, take a look through Gianni Versace’s designer shoes to get some inspiration from the various different styles. Versace shoes are some of the classiest, yet they have also been worn by so many people who have completely different styles and still proved to be a success every time. The linked retailer has so much choice that you will find it hard to pick between the cool trainers, the slip-ons or the sandals. They also stock a range of colors, so whether you are introverted or outgoing, you will be sorted.

A Pair of Boots

A pair of boots are always a good thing to buy if you are living in a city, especially for the winter months. While you may be able to avoid the mud in a city, you certainly cannot avoid the rain or the cold, so you must be prepared for all temperatures. If you still want to look classy in the colder weather, invest in a pair of boots that are both stylish as well as practical so that you won’t have to be sacrificing one for the other. This could be a casual or a smart pair but make sure you have something that you can pair them with so that it works with the rest of your wardrobe!

So, why not make the most of city life and being able to embrace your fashion sense? Often when you are in a city you will see so many people with eclectic styles. This is partially because they feel as though it is an open-minded environment but also because in the bustling atmosphere of a city you have access to so many styles. Shoes are a super important part of our outfit – they help transport us to places and support our feet, as well as often being the first thing that catch people’s eye. Don’t disappoint and go crazy this year with your city footwear!