Wooooooooo Hoooooo!!! August was an absolutely AMAZING month for High Five Dad. My site was launched on August 8 and I can not be more pleased with the progress. For those that don’t know me, I have a full time BUSY job. I work on this site after my little guy goes to bed from 8:15pm to 11pm and any chance on the weekends. I only say that to support anyone in my same shoes. You can do this too.

As a completely newbie blogger I am learning the ins and outs of how to turn this into a successful blog. I do not have any fantasies that this site is going to make me a millionarie but it would be pretty sweet if it did.

Anyone out there willing to write a check???

As I dug in this month and began researching a variety of bloggers and how they run their site, I ran into a plethora of monthly blog traffic reports and monthly income reports. As a new blogger I felt like I hit the JACKPOT! I know there are some differing opinions on how helpful they truly are but for me as a completely new blogger they were priceless and here is why:


How many other businesses do you know peal back the facade that they present to the world each month to share how many people walked through the door and where they saw the greatest profit from?

No where!

As a student of reverse engineering, I saw these and nearly fell out of the my chair! Not only did they share traffic, profits, but they normally blogged about their business and include freebies. These email courses, or documents gave me further insight into how they do what they do. Priceless

So Eric why are you going to share your report???

1. Accountability to myself- If I begin documenting my progress, I will not lose focus and continue on this journey.

2. Benchmark for others- Too many times new bloggers jump into the blogging arena and see massively successful bloggers and compare themselves to them. You cant. They have been doing this for years! Soooooo….. Compare yourself to ME. A brand new blogger with no experience running a blog. I 100% agree you should look up to those other guys, but when you are comparing your progress find someone on your same level to see their progress.

August Monthly Goals

Even with a brand new blog I knew the importance of setting up goals.

  • Launch Website by August 1 – Failed (Grrrrr…. Close but I was too focused on design)
  • Write 2 Articles a Week- Failed… 6 articles but I blame… ummm…
  • 100 Twitter Followers- Succeed -Woot woot!

Okay so none of the goals were earth shattering. Honestly I did not know what to expect or how much traffic I should aim for, so I set my goals based around tasks rather than metrics for the most part. For September I will be shifting a bit to focus on more specific metrics.

Monthly Blog Income Report

Wait for it…..


I honestly do not expect this number to change for MONTHS and that is okay. I did not even attempt to monetize.

Monthly Traffic Report

I did not have a traffic goal because I really didnt know what to expect. So for this month, its just the facts.




Holy SMOKES!!! Check out that SPIKE! I hit OVER a thousand pageviews on ONE Post in ONE DAY!!! Give this man an AWARD already…

Ok. Full Transparency Time…

I have received a handful of Direct Messages and emails regarding this spike. I tweeted the image of the spike a couple days ago so people were curious.

Did you use ads?


Did you pay for traffic?


Are you a blogging genius???

HA! Not even close.

What did you do then?

For now, I am treating everything I do as an experiment until I find my blogging voice and really find my niche. So this exercise was no different. Currently my blog has a Dad money theme. I had read a bunch of Dad blogs and one in particular made me chuckle. Dadandburied.com . In his about me page he linked out to his favorite posts and one was entitle “Top 10 Reasons I Hate My Son”. When I read it, I laughed and thought I can write something similar and so I did.

Why I Hate My Son…

Since I dont have an email list or any way to send to the masses I did what bloggers really shouldnt do… I shared the post from my Facebook page to a variety of Facebook groups. Now to be fair, I am active in most and there was no optin, no marketing tied to it, so I felt a bit ok. I dropped it in a couple direct niche groups and a couple outer ring niche groups…

So what happened… First check out the First Image I associated with it…

Yup that really is my little guy… and no I really dont HATE him… but the title itself acted as clickbait for sure! As a newbie blogger and in my naivety, I really did not intend for it to be clickbait. I honestly chuckled when I read Dadandburied and thought “This would work for me”.

In all honesty, my target niche, Dads or men, had very little issues with the title or picture whatsoever. It was the moms that were split 50/50. Some BLASTED me for writing such a terrible article. While others commented that they could relate. At one point I had 50 something people on the site and there was at least 30 comments on the Facebook post.

My gut reaction was to try to rationalize with them.

“No you dont understand, I do love my son. Didnt you read it?”

Then fear and doubt poured over me.

Wait maybe this is terrible. Maybe I should take it down.

In the end, I spent the next hour drafting new images and changing the link to the page to soften it a bit. I also deleted the post from the most vocal groups.

It was definitely an interesting lesson learned in the first weeks of this blog…

Email list

I am absolutely terrible at Opt In’s!

Here is my rationale. Most of the people dropping by my site are more experienced bloggers just skimming content and dropping a comment. They really dont want or need to be on this new guys email list.

All very true.

I would guess that I haven’t quite found my core audience yet. Someone who cant wait to read the next post.

Let’s just mark this up to a work in progress.

1st Month Blog Post Summary

During August I published 7 new blogs.

Hello World
Why I Dislike My Son…
529 Plan vs Roth IRA: Why We Picked Roth IRA
3 Ways to Get on the Same Financial Page as your Spouse
4 Rookie Travel Mistakes Plus Bonus Laugh
71 Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

As mentioned above the most “Popular” was Why I Dislike my son…

September’s Goals

This next month is all focused on Pinterest. This is going to sound stereotypical and I apologize, but as a dude I never used Pinterest at all! However after listening to Pete’s Do You Even Blog Podcast with Grace from Chasingfoxes.com, Lily & Mrs. FAF, from thefrugalgene.com & frugalasianfinance.com, and of course Rosemarie Groner from Busybudgeter.com, it is clear that I need a Pinterest game.


  • Join 100 Pinterest Group Boards– If you want to sent me an invite, SWEEEEeeeeeet… Here is my info
  • Get 250 Pinterest FollowersJust follow me… I know you want to
  • Hit 3000 pageviews (without clickbait)
  • Get 600 Twitter Followers –Go ahead and follow me 🙂 
  • Post 2 Articles a week
  • Comment on at least 1 bloggers post per day (30)

Lessons Learned

I am not sure if I will include this section each month, but felt I needed to for the first month. The first thing I learned is that bloggers are some of the most community focused individuals I have ever “met”.

Check out this example:

I dont know Pete. I dont even remember how I stumbled across his podcast or his website but that is a classy move right there! @Teacherfire1’s website is a dot wordpress site rather than a dot come. You can find it here if you are curious. By the way if you havent checked out Pete’s site Do You Even Blog or his Podcast you need to! Imagine getting a FREE consultation with some of the top bloggers out there right now. That’s his podcast and it has been invaluable to a new blogger.

**Updated** Pete just launched the absolute best how to start a blog guide ever!!! You absolutely need to check this thing out!

That is not the only example. I am in a ton of Facebook groups and bloggers are always sharing tips, tricks, are just naturally helpful in EVERYTHING!

Blogging is not a competition, it is a community.

The second lesson I learned is things take WAY longer than you think! I am serious. Writing, Editing, Creating Images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest… you name it. I only get a few good hours each day to tackle my blog and I need to super focused to hit next months goals.

Until Next Month…