We can safely say that the last year has been one of the most challenging that any of us have faced. Working in the office and getting coffee with co-workers has been exchanged for juggling your workload with helping your children with home-schooling, all while maintaining the rest of the responsibilities that you have as a parent. It has not been easy.

While getting to the new year in itself in one piece, is undoubtedly something to be proud of, and which should be celebrated, we are confident that those reading this will have special occasions of some sort coming up in the next few months.

These special occasions need to be celebrated, but it can be tough to surprise the man in your life, especially if he has everything!

Finding a unique, innovative gift might seem like a challenge, especially if you want it to be a true surprise that will delight them and take their mind off the current, disconcerting circumstances.

To help, here’s a guide to choosing an inventive gift that will delight any man, no matter what his tastes.

Plan a Future Holiday

While the prospect of traveling internationally – and even nationally – seems a long way off yet, nothing is stopping you from researching and planning your next adventure. We can understand wanting to plan the most luxurious holiday you can for the man in your life, but this can seem a bit far-fetched when you are on a budget.

That being said, you can have an enjoyable holiday, while treating this special someone, without going out of your budget. Researching affordable places to suit your budget and other areas that you would be interested in exploring will give you a variety of destinations to select from.

What’s more, with the current government guidance that all international travel is discouraged unless necessary, you have ample time to save some money if you are set on going somewhere a bit different, which would cost a bit more money.

Opting for self-catered options when selecting a holiday choice, will not only free up some of the money that would previously have been spent on the catering for your stay but allows you to explore local food joints. You never know you might come across your new favourite restaurant while allowing yourself to explore the local cuisine.

Buying Them Something They’ve Had Their Eyes On

This is a great suggestion that suits all budgets; we are confident that your special someone would have had their eye on something. Big or small, splurge-worthy or more affordable, you are guaranteed to make them smile and to treat them with whatever you end up choosing.

If you are on a budget and are looking for something to buy – the same goes for those looking to splurge – consider buying something that will last. Not only will it be a worthwhile investment, but the man in your life will be reminded of you every time they look at the gift, which is what you want, after all.

Bracelets, necklaces, and watches are great gifts to get for that special someone and have become increasingly popular due to male celebrities and social media stars branching out of their standard styles and incorporating these pieces in their looks.

Whether you choose to purchase some jewellery from an independent store, or a luxury brand, you are sure to be treating your loved one in the way that they deserve. For those who are interested in 100% original Rolex Datejust online – let’s face it, who knows when we will be back in actual stores – check out the likes of Chronext, who provides people like you with the opportunity to buy a luxury item and get it shipped directly to you.

Whether you have been saving for a long time, or have come across the money by chance when wanting to splurge, this is a great option to consider.

Cooking a Delicious Meal

You have probably seen some people on your social media timelines doing this, but it is a really great way of treating your loved one, without going massively off your budget. Plan the cuisine you intend to cook, purchase any necessary ingredients that you don’t already have lying around in the cupboards, and go to town!

Not to mention, something like this would be perfect when coupled with either of our previous suggestions; you will be able to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal and then surprise your loved one even further with the gift that you have chosen. What better way to treat the man in your life!

While these are but some of the suggestions that could be done when wanting to treat the man in your life, we are confident that whatever you decide on, will go down a treat!