Being criticized for your parenting in conversations with other people is quite disturbing. Not everyone’s parenting choices have to be tied to traditional or rather stereotypical teachings.

 In today’s modern world, you can have a parenting style that is completely different from the people around you.  Also, you don’t have to worry about criticism because whatever you are doing there is someone who will tell you directly or indirectly that you are doing everything wrong. Remember, no one needs approval from parenting style. Since human nature is in conflict and criticism, it is quite easy to find faults in others. The important thing here is that a person sees his own faults or deficiencies and makes up for it without making his child feel it. there are also millions of “right ways” to compensate. If you have a certain understanding of parenting that is consistent and true, you don’t need other people’s comments if you think what’s best for you and your child. However, it is also your right to seek mental support from time to time. 

Responding To Unwanted Parent Advice While Asking For Support

As a parent, you can talk to others about your parenting style as psychological support or counseling during some challenging times. However, during this conversation, you may need to take some precautions in order not to be exposed to bad criticism. Here is the list of what you can do while looking for support:

  • Clarify what you need
  • If you want advice, be ready to hear other people’s opinion
  • Look for people with training on the subject
  • Set boundaries in your relationships
  • Ignore them completely or inform them
  • Listen without answering
  • Listen with a smile

What you can do for your child

There are many important behaviors and life expectancies that parents must do for the future of their children, both material and spiritual.

  • When your child acts mean and speak badly to you or anyone you must resist the urge to punish, to give him an understanding that how your child is feeling. After that ask how he feels and what others might feel because Reparation is more effective than punishment in helping your child redeem himself.
  • Help your child make up for a fight or argument with other children. If your child isn’t ready to apologize, do it for your child while in physical contact with your own child. In this way, you can subconsciously place the importance of apologizing as an example for your child.

Parenting is a continuous process of finding balance between discipline and care. One of the best ways to do this is by teaching your child how to resolve conflicts and apologize when he’s wrong.

In the child’s early days, it may be necessary for parents to play some role models before your child learns how to behave normally in society. An important thing you can do as a parent is not just to teach children how to express emotions but also how to heal from negative emotions.

Parenting is an important phase in a person’s life. Children need to be vigilant in learning these important and critical lessons.
However, once you have children, the reality of parenting roles hit you hard and it may become overwhelming thinking about the many responsibilities that lie ahead. Even though children are typically resilient and can easily bounce back from minor setbacks, it is still your job as a parent to make sure they have the best environment possible from future trauma or depression.