Unlimited Disney Fastpass Hack!

Eric you have to be kidding me right?!? Unlimited Disney Fastpass???

Well… I may be stretching the truth just a bit because technically you have ALREADY have unlimited Disney Fastpasses. What I am going to share with you is how to OPTIMIZE your Disney Fastpass in order to get the most out of your Disney experience. If you do this correctly you could use well over 12 fastpasses in a single day!

Like many of getting the most bang for your buck is important. Heading out to Disney is no different. Nobody likes to spend hundreds of dollars to be standing in lines all day long. If you follow this hack, you will get the most out of Disney’s Fastpass.

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Disney Fastpass Facts

  • Everyone begins with 3 Fastpasses per day
  • Passholders or Ticketholders can make selections up to 30 days in advanced
  • Resort Hotel Reservations with Tickets can make selections up to 60 days in advanced
  • Disney Fastpasses last an hour and CAN NOT overlap
  • After you use all 3 Disney Fastpassess you can book additional fastpasses one at a time.

Unlimited Disney Fastpass Hack

While this “hack” works every day, it is BEST used on days that are less crowded or midweek. If you go during PEAK times, it becomes more difficult for this method to work.

First things first, you will need to download Disney’s My Disney Experience App. This is a MUST.

After you download the app connect your tickets to the app. Make sure if you plan on going with your family to add all of their tickets as well. You will be managing your Disney Fastpasses from your phone throughout this process.

Disney Fastpass Strategy

Now here is your decision point for you and your family. Do you stay at one park or try multiple parks? After you use 3 of your Disney Fastpasses, you are then free to travel to another park and get a fastpass there. However, you know the old saying “Time is money”. Traveling from park to park is nice but it takes time. When Michelle and I are trying to maximize our fastpasses, we stay at one park. However it really is up to you.

There is a bit of controversy out there in regards to Disney’s Fastpass system. Some people claim that it has increased wait times, while others love the system. Regardless of your stance, you are guaranteed 3 fastpasses each day you go. With this method, you need to identify the number 1 ride that you absolutely must ride. Some of the more popular rides such as Avatar Flight of the Passage and Frozen book up well in advanced. Unfortunately this method cant get you on Avatar 12 times in one day… Sorry, not a magician.

The absolute must ride should be booked AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE! I don’t mean just 30 days or 60 days out but earliest you are willing to be at the park.

Lets pretend that your absolute must ride is Avatar Flight of the Passage, great Ride by the way. The park opens at 8. You will want to book your fastpass for 8 for this method to work. Your Disney Fastpass will then be good from 8:00-9:00.

Now you are going to identify your number 2 and number 3 ride that you would like to ride.

You will schedule your number 2 ride at 10:00. This makes your number 2 Disney Fastpass time from 10:00-11:00.

But wait Eric, that leaves an hour gap between the first ride!

Yep, it does and you will see why soon.

You will then schedule your number 3 ride at 11:00-12:00.

Okay, Eric, this doesn’t seem like much of Disney Fastpass “hack”. This is nothing new.

Relax. I am about to get to the GOOD stuff. You now have 3 Disney Fastpasses selected for you and your family. Here is where the optimization technique occurs.

When you enter the park you will head STRAIGHT to the first ride. Do not stop and take pictures of the castle, the tree of life, nothing! Get there and get there fast. Today is all about speed!

Disney Pro Tip: RUN! Run to your first Disney Fastpass ride. Once there, enter through the standby not FASTPASS lane because it will have a short wait time because you RAN!

After you finish the ride the 1st time, enter the ride with your Disney Fastpass. Now are you ready for the magic????

While in the fastpass line waiting for the ride, you are going to get out your cellphone that has the My Disney Experience and modify your fastpasses. I normally modify my 3 ride first because I usually don’t want to risk losing out on ride number 2.

When you modify fastpass number 3 you are going to schedule it as close to the current time as possible. Do you remember that two hour gap we had earlier? This is why we needed it.

Since Disney does not allow fastpasses to overlap the gap is key. Let’s pretend that you scheduled the rides like this:


Even if you were the FLASH, the earliest you could enter the first ride is at 8:00. Once you pull out your phone and begin looking for rides, it is going to be at least 8:05. When you attempt to move ride number 3 up earlier, it will not allow you to move it to the 8:05-9:05 spot because you already have a fastpass at 9:00. So you basically lose 55 minutes.

However you were smart! You found this handy article with a SWEEEEEET Disney Fastpass hack! So you scheduled a gap and your schedule looks like this:


So now you hop on Avatar at 8:00 with your fastpass. You pull out your phone and modify ride number 3 to 8:05-9:05 or as close to the current time as possible and click save.

Disney Pro Tip: If you can schedule ride number 3 close to the current time, try to see if you can move ride number 2 up instead.

The reason this works is because after you scan your magicband for ride number 1, Disney removes the hour time limit from your account which allows you to modify and move a fastpass up.

After you finish the first ride what do you think you are gojng to do????

RUN to ride number 2!

Again you are going to scan your magicband and while in line, you are going to modify your last fastpass to the closest possible time. In some cases, I have ditched ride number 3 for an alternative ride because it was closest to the current time.

If done correctly, you could use all 3 Disney Fastpasses in the first hour! After you use all 3 of your fastpasses up, Disney allows you to schedule more! The only difference is you have to do them one at a time.

So again, you are going to pull out your phone and find a ride with a fastpass as close to the current time as possible and select it. After you get to the ride and scan your magicband you are going to repeat this process over and over again until the park closes. Since you already used your 3 original passes, you CAN hop to another park and use a fastpass there as well.

On a slow day, my little guy and I have used over 10 fast passes in a single day. Disney can be EXTREMELY expensive and nobody likes to pay to stand in line. With this method, hopefully you can feel like you got your money’s worth.

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