Are you looking for simple ways to save money???

Michelle and I love to find new and simple ways to save money every single month and I am sure YOU do as well. Finding new ways to save money allows us to pay off more debt and add to our savings account… or eeekk COLLEGE fund for the boys. Whether you are looking to pay off more debt, pay off the car, save for that summer vacation or more, finding ways to save money is critical!

One problem that people run into when trying to save money is they get burnt out! They struggle to stay committed to saving money. They walk into a store and see a delicious candy bar or cold drink next to register and think

“It’s only a dollar or two”

The thing is those dollars add up month after month into huge amounts of money.

Or worse… You begin to think saving money is:

-Not exciting
-Making you less fun

Saving money does involve some sacrifices but it’s because you are putting off something for tomorrow. Whether that be a candy bar, cable, a night out etc. Those small sacrifices will pay dividends in the end!

We believe that when you are purposeful about saving money each month that it will make you better financially and allow you to reach your money goals.

So here goes:

125 Simple Ways to Save Money Practically Pain Free

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1. Cut Cable

It’s 2018. Cable is crazy expensive! How many of the 20000 channels do you actually watch??? When my wife and I sat down and looked we realized it was 6 channels. Is it tough not having cable?

For about a week…

Then you realize you never needed it.

For local channels pick up a good antenna and you get all the local channels and more! Cutting cable can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

2. Ditch Netflix… Hulu… Sling etc.

Yup! You heard me right! Do it!

When you cut cable you probably did so for a couple of reasons. One primarily being cost. The second is you most likely only watched it because it was on.

However when you fill the gap with Netflix, Hulu, etc you substituted ONE large Cable bill for 3 or 4 smaller ones. Again saving money is about sacrifice. Do you really need Netflix? Probably not.

In the end canceling Netflix and Hulu can save you a couple hundred bucks a year by canceling all of those services.

3. Say Bye to the Gym

Ok its March at the time of writing this. The majority of people have now given up their New Year’s resolution goal to get back to the gym.

But guess what??!?

You are STILL paying for it!

There is this small voice in the back of your head saying:

“I’ll go back next week”

I am here to say that’s probably not true. Not only is it not true but the gyms are banking on the fact that you believe that. People will spend HUNDREDS of dollars on a membership because they think if they cancel it that they failed.

That is DUMB thinking… Wasting money on something you don’t use is failing your money goals. Check out 5 more reasons to ditch your gym.

As an alternative try FREE exercise services such as Running, Walking, free fitness clubs.

4. Change your Cell Phone Contract

Gone are the days that cell phone carriers are monopolies. There are a ton of alternatives out there. Verizon and AT&T are almost ALWAYS the most expensive.

My wife and I have been with T-Mobile for years and LOVED them. But there are others that you can switch to that can save you serious cash. You should definitely consider saving money by switching your cell plan. 

5. Stop Drinking

Whoa… just got real… Ha!

Whether it be beer or wine eliminate it from your budget. Remember small sacrifices pay off BIG time. The amount of money people spend on these two things alone is HUGE!

Sorry Craft beer… you were delicious… but 5 dollars a pint…ouch! The true cost of drinking is insane.

6. Stop Smoking

You knew I was coming here next right??? Did you know that the average smoker spends almost $50 dollars a month on tobacco products! I absolutely understand that this will not be easy.

However eliminating smoking will not only help save you money each month but it will also save on health insurance and improve your health. Health insurance companies ask that question “ Do you smoke?” for a reason…

7. Dollar a Week Ladder

I am sure you have seen this but it really does work if you stick to it. The concept is SUPER simple which is one of the reasons we love it and so will you!

In week 1 you save a single dollar. You place it in a safe spot whether that be under your bed or in your bank account.

In week 2 you save 2 dollars. You again place it with your original dollar.

You repeat this process for an entire year. By the time you get to December, each week you will be putting away close to 50 dollars a week.

The goal however is to go a whole year laddering up and NOT spending it. In a single year using the 52 week savings challenge, if done correctly, you will put away almost $1400!!!

Ladder UP!

8. Cut Your OWN Hair

Ok… so maybe this only applies to guys and kids but this is a money saver! I have been cutting my own hair for years. Is it perfect? Not always but it always grows back.

When my little guy got his first haircut and I saw the bill I almost fell over. He has LESS hair than me and you are going to charge me that?!? So yea… I am going to be cutting both the boys hair from now on. Cutting your own hair is a money saver.

9. Eat in

Do you hate the infamous question that happens almost every day? You know… “What’s for dinner? Most people don’t meal plan so each night is a struggle. As a result you may choose to just eat out because you don’t have to think about what to make and everyone can get what they want.

But this is CRAZY expensive. If you haven’t already begun to meal plan check out these 6 insanely easy steps to meal plan. Not only does it save your wallet but it eliminates food waste. Spending less than 2 hours can make a weeks worth of food easily.

10. Ditch the Home Phone

Did you know that people still have these things?? It is a throwback and its eating away at your wallet. Having a landline is no longer needed in this day an age. Save your cash and ditch the phone.

11. Increase your deductibles

Yes I know what you are thinking… What happens if something bad happens? Well you are going to pay more… But here is the thing. Calculate how much you could save on your car insurance alone by increasing your deductible from 100 to 500. We found that increasing our deductibles lowered our insurance by 31 dollars. So as long as we are accident free for 13 months we break even. Any longer and we are ahead!

12. Pay items yearly

I know it hits the wallet hard when it comes. But pay things like your house insurance, car insurance, etc yearly. Almost all companies provide a 5-10% discount if you pay it all up front versus monthly. Plan for it every year and think about what you could do with the savings. Rather than pay monthly for services pay annually to get great savings.

13. Review your car insurance

Make companies compete for your business. Sometimes a simple phone call will drop your rate by significantly. If that doesn’t work look for a competitor that offers the same service and compare rates. Show your current company the quote and let the bidding wars begin. By comparing rates on car insurance you are sure to save.

14. Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

We were young and dumb when we got our house. We put down a whopping 2.5% and thought we were slick because they gave us a loan… Yeah. Dumb. PMI is the dumb tax that you pay for doing something stupid like that. So how do you pay do you remove private mortgage insurance? Either pay down enough of the loan to be 80% or if you house has increased in equity get it appraised. Once your loan is less than 80% of the value of the house PMI goes away which allows you to save more money.

15. Brown Bag It

There is no getting around it. Food is expensive and eating out is MORE expensive. I will say it again… meal plan… Select meals that offer leftovers. I know its not “cool” but neither is being broke. Bringing your lunch each day saves money that you can use towards paying off your debt faster.

16. Buy Generic Food

You can save a fortune buying store brand items. In many cases these are the EXACT same product just in a different box. I grew up on off brands and never knew the difference…

17. Drink Tap Water

I can’t imagine 30 years ago someone saying we are going to sell bottled water. I’d imagine the first person who heard it was probably laughed out loud. However with marketing people spend a ton of money on bottle water and it is just a waste.

We are fortunate or unfortunate depending on who you ask to be on a well. You know the aquifer, the same one that many of these bottling companies tap…

If however you NEED your bottled water buy a water filter and use the tap. You will save money in the long run.


Stores give you FREE money on every purchase. The best part is you get $10 dollars just for signing up.

Be smart and use it. Now do not buy things you wouldn’t already buy. That is not smart. But search through the ads and find items that you actually use and need and buy them when they are on sale. Stack multiple coupons for an even greater savings.

19. Buy Used Phones

The brand new shiny iPhone Infinity just was released… It only costs an arm and a leg! Lasts year model only cost an arm! Be smart and don’t chase the newest shiny object. Buy used phones to save money. I normally buy my phones on Swappa and never had an issue.

20. Go to the Library

There is a place that offers FREE books! I know a handful of people who have extensive libraries at their house. In most cases these bookshelves are in prominent spots in the house. When you ask them how many times have they read “this” book in many cases they say I haven’t gotten to it yet… or ONCE.

While I do love the look of a bookshelf with books. Be smart with your money. Go to the library and read books for free.

21. Go to the Library Again!

Eric I know… books.

No. Many libraries also have DVDS. Rather than paying for Netflix or Redbox go to your local library and check out their selection. While it may not be Blockbuster… you know the company that went Bankrupt…but it is FREE.

22. Check your tires

Yep. Simple and effective way to save money… Ha. Seriously. Under inflated tires not only hurt your gas mileage but ALSO shortens the life of the tires. Tires are expensive. Treat them right , keep them inflated, and they will save you cash.

23. Buy after Holidays

There are certain items that store extremely well but only need once a year. Things like Christmas lights, ornaments, easter basket grass, etc. The day after holidays these items are 50-75% in most cases. Stock up on items that you use and need.

24. Sell Stuff

Okay… so it’s not exactly saving but you can make money… Look around your house. I know you have stuff that you never use that is worth money. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of your stuff.  This could be things as simple as baseball cards, old cell phones, or even shoes! Check out this guy who sold shoes for millions.

25. Make gifts instead of buying them

There is something special about a handmade gift. This could be a card, painting, soap etc that to me feels more intimate than a gift card. How many times have you received a 25 dollar gift card from someone that you just gave a 25 dollar gift card too?Why not instead make a cookie recipe mason jar or a homemade candle. One its one of a kind and it shows the other person that you care.

26. Make a list before you go shopping and stick to it

Do you wander around the grocery store? Going from isle to isle putting things in your cart. Have you ever gotten home and thought to yourself, Why did I even buy this? Well grocery stores are set up to make you buy things. Sale stickers and end cap displays are there to drive sales.

Make a shopping list and avoid the distraction.

27. Upgrade the thermostat

Bring your thermostat into the 21st century! I am serious. These things have seriously been upgraded since the ones you had as a kid. Not only can they be controlled by Alexa or your phone but they LEARN! They turn themselves off and SAVE YOU MONEY.

We recently upgraded to the Ecobee3 and the thing has saved us more then it cost!! WIN

28. Babysitting Swap

My wife and I have two kids and babysitting can be quite expensive. Since we usually get dinner and catch a movie, a date night can be a budget buster. Then add the cost of a babysitter. EEEK. Sorry no date night.

One way around this is to find a couple in a similar situation as you. Offer to watch their kids one Friday night and in return they watch yours the next week. This allows BOTH of you a free night of babysitting.

29. Consolidate Student Loans

Are you one of the millions of Americans with student loans? GRRRRR. I had a mixture of private and federal and the rates were extremely difference. After years of frustration I finally consolidated all my HIGH interest loans into one and got a much lower rate.

Here is a great free comparison tool from our friends at LendEDU.

30. Kick Starbucks to the Curb

I am a caffeine addict but I can get a cup of joe for pennies on the dollar at my house. Spending 4 to 5 dollars on a cup of sugary caffeine elixir is not a smart way to use your money. The amount of money you could save by making this one change is huge. But if you absolutely cant kick the Starbucks addiction don’t forget to use these secret ways to save money at Starbucks.

31. Create Financial goals

Where do you want to be financially? Do you just want to pay off debt? Do you want to Retire Early? What are your money goals? Write them down and put them in a place you see every day like your bathroom mirror.

This will serve as a reminder of what you are working on. That way when you want to buy something you don’t need, that will be fresh in your mind. Saving money is a mind thing

32. Track your progress

Not only create goals but track your progress. It is easy to get burnt out. People often quit marathons. Saving money is a financial marathon. Track your progress and celebrate wins.

33. Get a roommate

Do you have an entire house with spare rooms? Or maybe an apartment with an extra room? Get a roommate that will split the rent or mortgage with you. Adding a roommate can cut your living expenses in half plus allow you time to save up.

34. Refinance your mortgage

Similar to student loans, don’t be stuck with high interest loans refinance your mortgage. Interest rates are near the lowest that they have ever been now.

35. Use Coupon Apps

I mentioned earlier to use coupons but don’t forget we are in the 21st century. There are digital coupons as well!!! Download coupon apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51 #. These apps allow you to use coupons and scan your receipt to get your money back! Sweet.

36. Buy in bulk when there are sales

There are items that you need everyday such as toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. There are even some food products that last a very long time in the cupboard such as spaghetti etc. When these things go on sale buy in bulk. It is better to buy them in bulk when they are on sale versus waiting until you need them.

37. Spice up Leftovers

If you are not keen about brown bagging your lunch eat leftovers for dinner the following night. It doesn’t have to be boring. One of our go-tos is Grilled Chicken on Mondays which then can be turned into fajitas sometime during the week. Same chicken… already cooked. Just spice and enjoy.

38. Have emergency meals

As much as I would love to tell you that we stick to our meal plan week after week… we dont and I am sure you won’t either. That is why it is important for you to have emergency go to meals in your freezer. This could be a frozen meatballs or crockpot meals that just need to be heated up. These are both time and money savers for you.

39. Stop drinking soda

Choose water instead of soda. If you are like me this will be tough for you to do but there are a ton of benefits. One it is healthier for you. Whether its regular soda chuck full of sugar or diet soda chuck full of chemicals, water is just etter. Plus if you drinking from the tap it’s basically FREE.

40. Eat Less

If you are already considering losing a couple pounds eating less may help your budget. Here are two easy tricks that you can implement nearly free. Use a smaller plate. Portion control is extremely important. When we have huge plates we tend to fill them. Second eat dinner at the table. Sitting in front of the TV causes us to graze eat meaning we will eat more longer.

41. Plan to buy Gas

When your gas light comes on is NOT the time to search for gas stations. Basically you are at the mercy of whatever gas station pops up first. But that is not good for your wallet. Some gas stations within blocks of each other have vastly different prices. Always check various places to get the best deal on gas. When you plan on getting gas you can go to the station with the cheapest gas.

42. Car Pool

Speaking of cars. Car pool with people who live near you. Not only can you split the cost of gas but you reduce the number of mile you put on your car if you rotate drivers.

43. Install LED bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are cheap but they burn out quickly and use up more electricity. Switch over to quality LED bulbs. Not only are they WAY more energy efficient but they also last years!!!

44. Unplug Stuff

Do you recall old TV’s that took a couple seconds to “heat up” before they turned on? Well that is because old tvs were not using any electricity until you hit the on button. So it took a while to get the tube charged. Americans want things quick so now TVs use small amounts electricity even when they aren’t being used.

Unplug these energy vampires or plug them into outlets that can controlled by a switch.

45. Clean your dryer ducts

Did you know that the lint not only builds in that trap but also throughout the ducts?? If you don’t regularly clean it there could be a huge build up or clog. This is not only a potential fire hazard but also causes your dryer to work harder and longer. If your dryer is taking longer to work then it used to clean your ducts.

46. Skip Dryers

Instead of using a dryer hang your clothes on a line like your grandparents used to do. It’s free and it worked for generations. Here is a bonus… line dried clothes actually last a bit longer because they are not heated so hot which breaks down the fibers.

47. Use cold water to wash

Rather than using hot water to wash your clothes use cold instead. A college trick that I learned years ago is if you use cold you don’t need to separate your clothes 🙂 Saves time and money.

48. Take a walk

While walking doesn’t exactly save you money but it can help you stay healthy which most definitely will save you money.

49. Look for painted rocks

In our little town people paint and hide rocks throughout the community. This is a great free activity for your family to do. If this hasn’t been done in your town yet, start it yourself!

50. Use autopay

Late bills and fees can add up over time. For bills such as cell phones or car payments, things that don’t change month to month, auto pay is great. It ensures that your bills are paid on time and it takes one more thing off your plate.

51. Use cash

If you use cash to buy things two things happen. One it is a whole lot harder to spend it. There is a pain that happens when you hand over cash. It makes you pause and question if you really need to buy it.

The second thing is that it allows you to negotiate a better deal. Ask if there are discounts if you are paying cash over credit. Most places will offer some discount.

52. Search for promo codes

Before any major purchase on the web you should absolutely search for promo codes or discount codes. This can save you hundreds of dollars on a purchase just by taking 15 minutes to search the web.

53. Ditch Paper towels

Instead cut up old t-shirts and turn them into rags that you can use around the house. This is a simple and effective way to save money and eliminate waste.

54. Search Craigslist or Facebook groups

Rather than buy new search for used items. Craigslist and Facebook Swip Swap groups are a great place to find great deals on items that you need from people in your community.

55. Pay less in taxes

Shift some of your income into 401Ks or a 403b to shelter some of your money. Placing it in there before tax lowers your overall tax bill at the end of the year.

56. Switch to a “dumb” phone

Do you remember the days that phones were just phones??? Switching from a premium smartphone to a dumb phone can save a lot of money. You no longer need a data plan so you are only paying for voice and text. In most cases that cuts your bill in half.

57. Cancel Magazine subscriptions

You don’t need a monthly subscription to Home and Gardens or DIY. The internet is loaded with FREE articles that provide just as much value. Plus if you really want to read those articles go check out your library. Most have a magazine section.

58. Stop Financing your life

If you can’t afford it… wait. It truly is a simple concept but so many people want things now. What happens when you cant wait is that you are going to pay for it in interest for a LONG time. Be patient. Save. Don’t fall for the 0% financing.

59. Find places Kids Eat Free

Check out this list of places Kids eat free. It is no where near comprehensive but it allows you to cut the cost of eating out.

60. Purposefully Save

Similar to the auto pay on your bills. Auto save every month. We have money moved each month automatically into a separate account. We don’t look at that account and pretend it doesn’t exist. At the end of the year we have a hefty amount saved.

61. Learn basic auto repair

I don’t expect you to be able to replace a transmission but there are simple basic auto repair that anyone can do that can save you money. For example changing your oil, replacing your wipers, etc. Last month I even changed an oil sending unit. A 10 dollar part and a quick search on Youtube saved me over a hundred dollars in labor.

62. Barter

Back in the day this was extremely popular. Exchange your services for something else. Maybe you are great at knitting. Trade your expertise for another service. Maybe a quilt for a 4 babysitting days.

63. Skip the extended warranty

Most products come with at least a 1 year warranty on them. You can save a lot of money if you just skip the extended warranty. However, if you DO want an extended warranty buy it later online. You will almost always find a better deal online.

64. Buy Baby clothes at consignment stores

Did you just bring your new bundle of joy home? Are you excited to try out every outfit that was given to you? Guess what? Babies grow FAST. With our first one we got him in about half the clothes before he grew out of them.

Shop consignment stores are a cheap way to buy clothes for babies that grow WAY to fast.

65. Sell Baby Clothes at consignment stores

At most consignment stores you can sell your used clothes or trade them. We would recommend selling them. You get more for them this way and then you can use that money to buy bigger sizes.

66. Dollar and a Dream

Stop playing the lotto. I am serious. I get it. You can’t win if you don’t play. The odds of you winning is insanely small. Save yourself the dollar and place it in a savings account.

67. Scratch and Dent

Do you know how Michelle and I saved almost 400 dollars on a single purchase? We bought scratch and dent washer and dryer. Both had large scratches on their sides. Guess what? They sit in a laundry room and wash/dry clothes. Who cares what they look like… Search scratch and dent.

68. Negotiate your debt

You may think that you are locked into high interest credit cards but you really aren’t. Pick up the phone and very politely ask about your rate. Ask if it could be lowered and explain why it should be. Be polite and firm. Ask to speak to a manager. Most companies will adjust it saving you cash each month. Be persistent until you have negotiated a better rate on your credit cards.

69. Swap Credit Cards

Don’t use this method to rack up MORE debt but use this method to save you cash to pay your debt off faster. Find credit cards that offer 12 months interest free or an offer similar to that. Transfer your balance from the high interest card to a low interest one. Now you are saving money that can go towards your debt

70. Consider moving home

I know you don’t want to but consider living at home for a year or two. This can provide a huge savings on the cost of living while you pay back student loans or try to build up a house fund.

71. Don’t upgrade the car

If you just finished off paying your car dont think its time for a new one your future self will thank you. This is the perfect time to use that money to build a car fund or pay down other debt. Cars will last you a long time if you take care of them.

72. Check your internet bill

If you are like most people you are actually renting that cable modem from the company. Its on your bill go check. For most companies they charge around 5-10 dollars a month for this. But if you go down to Walmart you can buy your own cable modem up for about 50 bucks! Within 6 months you will break even. After that you are saving money.

73. Open a window

Instead of turning the AC or heat on, consider opening the windows. Depending on the time of year allowing fresh air to cool or warm the house is a great energy saver. If that is not an option, there are lots of different ways to save on the electricity bill.

74. Check your Furnace/AC Filters

You should change these once a month. They are extremely cheap and will prevent issues with your air handler. Additionally it will make your AC run more efficient saving you money.

75. Upgrade computer components

Rather than buying a brand new laptop consider upgrading pieces of it. Add RAM or more storage to help make your computer run faster longer

76. Think before having pets

Pets are expensive to take care of. Think twice before buying that new dog, cat or bunny. Not only do you need to pay for food but also medical bills.

77. Ditch Child’s Life insurance

Unless your bundle of joy is an actor or making serious cash, there is no need to have life insurance on children. The purpose of life insurance is to replace income for a family in the event of a death.

78. Use your bank’s ATM

Most ATMs charge upwards of 5 dollars to use their machine to get YOUR money. Plan your spending and visit your ATM to save you money.

79. Order your own checks

Rather than going through your bank order your own checks online. In most cases they are 50% or more cheaper.

80. Dumb banks with fees

Don’t pay fees to have a checking account. Period. Find another bank or credit union that offers FREE banking. There are also options online that can save you cash.

81. Negotiate Rent

Maybe you are currently renting. Is the house in need of repairs? Is the landlord paying for lawn services? Offer to do simple things if rent can be discounted. Always try to negotiate your rent.

82. Travel in off season

If you have the chance to vacation in off season you will save a ton of money. Holidays and summer time is normally the peak travel time. That means you will pay more for flights and hotel rooms.

83. Camp

Rather than getting a hotel room find a campsite and ruff it for the night or use and RV .We absolutely love camping and its about 20 dollars a night compared to a cheap 100 dollar a room night. Besides who doesn’t love s’mores?

84. Fill your freezer

Not only will you have food that you can use for meals but it actually helps your freezer run more efficiently if its full. If it happens to be empty fill milk jugs with water and freeze them. Even better stock up your freezer on items that you need when they are on sale.

85. Adopt the Envelope System

If you are a Dave Ramsey fan you probably have heard of this. But if you havent, you need to read up on this. It’s a super easy way to budget by placing amounts of cash in specific envelops. Those envelops can only be used for those purposes. Once they are gone, they are gone.

86. Buy at Dollar Store or Big Lots

There are a handful of items that you MUST buy at dollar stores. Items that are routinely discounted are bread, cleaning supplies and paper products. Check it out!

87. Review your work benefits

Your employee may offer a variety of deals or discounts that you are not even aware of. Some offer free gym memberships while other offer discounts. Even if they don’t, some national organizations DO! For example if you are a teacher there are a TON of discounts that you qualify for.

88. Price Check Amazon

Always price check! Amazon app has a built in barcode. While Amazon may not always have the cheapest item, it always benefits you by checking. Additionally you can read the reviews to see if the product is really worth the money.

89. Review Bank Statements

You need to do this at least once a month if not more often. You will often catch errors, overcharging or fraud quickly before it becomes an issue. Additionally you may even catch a subscription service that you thought you canceled.

90. “Borrow” Condiments

If you have been to any fast food restaurant lately you will notice that many of them have stockpiles of ketchup, mustard, and mayo… Go ahead and borrow a handful each time. Rather than buying ketchup, mustard, and mayo you will soon have a stockpile.

91. Go to a museum

Most museums offer free days. Call them and find out when they are. This could easily be a wonderful date night or day out on the town.

92. Ask for rain checks

When the item that you want is out of stock ALWAYS ask for a raincheck. Most stores make rain checks available for up to 30 days. Don’t be afraid to ask for one.

93. Return aluminum cans and water bottles

If you live in a state that places a deposit on these items don’t forget to return them. Thats 5 to 10 cents for every can or bottle. Those nickels and dimes turn into cash.

94. Limit driving

Be smart about driving. Plan your trips so that you can do your shopping and errands all at once. This will eliminate wasting gas and make better use of your time.

95. Pack snacks for long drives

Gas stations are notorious for being budget busters. Pack food and drinks when you are going on long drives. That way you are only buying gas at gas stations.

96. Make your own cleaning supplies

Your grandmother used vinegar and baking soda for years. Not only is it cheap and effective but it’s a whole lot safer to have in the house then all those other chemicals.

97. Flip and rotate your mattress

Just like car tires, flip and rotate! This will extend the life of your mattress saving you money down the road. When’s the last time you flipped and rotated???

98. Use Bar soap instead of Gel

Bar soap just last longer! With gel soap a good majority of people over use and it goes right down the drain. Bar soap is much harder to over use and does the exact same thing.

99. Wash your hands

Washing your hands is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy. Like we covered before, doctors are expensive. Stay healthy

100. Eat less meat

Ahhhh! I love grilled steak but it is EXPENSIVE and rarely has leftovers. Try being a vegetarian once a week. Meatless Mondays. By eating less meat your wallet and budget will appreciate it.

101. Holiday House Swap

Did you ever watch the movie Holiday? They exchanged houses over the holidays. It allowed them to vacation for FREE! Why let your house go empty when you are vacation.

102. Make your own Birthday/Greeting Cards

I know you love Hallmark cards but at close to 5 bucks a pop they are expensive. Save yourself some money by making your own cards. I guarantee the person receive it will enjoy it WAY more than a store bought one.

103. Do Small Home Repairs

You don’t have to be Bob Villa or Tim the Tool man to do small simple home repairs. They not only save you money but also gives you more pride in your house.

104. Make your own trail mix

Trail mix is a great snack on the run. You love the convenience of the small packages but the cost is almost 5 times the amount if you would just make your own trail mix. Buy bulk peanuts, raisins, M&ms etc and mix your own. Then put them in handy ziploc bags and you just saved yourself money.

105. Make your own lunchables

If you have kids they probably love lunchables. I am sure you do as well do to their convenience. But they are a waste of money! Our parenting hack was to make our own! We bought containers off amazon and then just added meat, cheese, and crackers plus one cookie. Cut our lunch budget down to pennies on the dollar.

106. Freeze water instead of buying Ice

Are you heading to the beach or sporting event and thinking about buying ice? Save yourself money by freezing water in water bottles or balloons.

107. Search for Discounted Gift Cards

Did you know that gift cards go on sale??? That’s basically FREE money. Stock up on ones that you use.

108. Cloth diapers

Disposable diapers were not always around. For years there were cloth diapers. In reality these things have come a LONG way and is a great way for new parents to save money. Using cloth diapers helps your budget and the environment.

109. Check your junk mail

Yes most of the time the junk mail that you receive is in fact JUNK. But every once in a while there are nuggets of gold. Free meals, free haircuts, 10 dollar gift card if you come test drive a car. This is free money.

110. Freeze leftover Baby food

Sometimes your baby just isn’t hungry but you just opened a brand new container of pear sauce. We would freeze it and then turn it into a frozen treat. We place it in one of these gadgets which helped for teething. Parent WIN!

111. Shop Farmers Market Late

They say early bird gets the worm… but at Farmer’s Markets people dont want to bring stuff home. So while the picking will be slim, you have a much better chance to haggle and save money.

112. Price Match

If you are buying a larger purchase see if the store will price match. Most have some sort of policy. I recently just pulled up an ad on my phone, showed the manager and he made the adjustment. It saved me a 15 mile drive and gave me the same price.

113. 5 Dollar challenge

Here is a fun little challenge. Every time you get a 5 dollar bill put it in a piggy bank. You can’t spend it or break it into ones. Set a timeline. Maybe a year. See how much money you save.

114. Buy Tomorrow

Have you ever bought something and regretted it a day to two later. Implement the buy tomorrow policy. Anything over 50 dollars wait 24 hours to purchase. After 24 hours think about if you really need it. If you do go ahead and buy it. If not you just saved money by not spending it.

115. Complain [politely]

Don’t be a jerk but if a service does not meet your standards don’t accept it. This happens a lot at restaurants. We once waited 45 minutes for our orders. Then it was not right. We complained politely to the waitress who was really nice and apologetic. The manager then came over and comped our entire meal.

116. Drive Smooth

While it may be fun to gun the accelerator at every green light, that eats up gas. Try to accelerate smooth. For additional savings use your cruise control.

117. Make your own pizza

Pizza is a staple in our house and I am sure in yours as well. Rather then get delivery make your own pizza. Use tortillas to make flatbread pizza for pennies!

118. Don’t Upgrade the Free App

Most of the time there is little to no difference between the free and paid version. Yes. The free version has ads but do you really need to spend 3 dollars a game just to get rid of ads?

119. Try Zero Day Spending Challenges

Zero Day Challenges are just that. Days that you try to spend exactly zero dollars. It’s simple and effective way to manage your money.

120. Pick Water at restaurants

If you choose to eat out order water. Drinks are vastly overpriced at restaurants. Sure it’s usually unlimited refills but you need to drink a LOT to get your money’s worth.

121.Toy Swap

As your little one grows they need different toys. Find other parents that you can trade toys with. This will allow you both to save money and get the most out of those toys.

122. Buy Fresh Vegetables and Freeze them

There is nothing like fresh vegetables but sometimes they are just out of season. Grocery stores still sell corn in the middle of the winter but you pay 3 times as much. Be smart and flash freeze food that you love.

123. Budget Monthly

You must absolutely be budgeting every month to save money. This is a FREE way to understand where your money is going each money. Think you are too broke to budget? Think again.

124. Delete Your Credit Card Number

Have you ever just been scrolling the web and came across something from amazon that you “needed”? Amazon has made it super easy and quick to buy things. Just click the button. They even have physical buttons. But how many times would you actually buy an item if you needed to input your credit card every single time? A whole lot less. This is an easy way to eliminate impulse buys.

125. Don’t worry about your neighbors

You do NOT need to keep up with the Jones! You do not need to newest car, phone, house, etc. Be smart with your money and only buy items that you actually need. Yes, it may not be normal but like Dave Ramsey says “Normal is Broke!”


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125 Simple ways to save money

Even after 125 simple ways to save money there are a ton more! If you have a new or simple way that you saved money comment below. We would love to hear from you.