Dealing with the situation of a child who is jealous of his parents’ love?

Experts believe that one of the more developed emotions, jealousy, begins when a baby is more mature. This corresponds to your baby being approximately two years old. But recent data prove that babies start showing signs of jealous behavior much earlier than that, three months after birth. Many jealous babies become jealous when their parents or the adults around them are too busy with their work, that is when they do not pay attention to them. It’s kind of an effort to generate interest. The fact that today’s parents work long hours and have a busy day has brought jealousy and attention hunger to the last generation.

What should ı do for it?

 For jealousy, there are many steps you need to take to prevent your child from experiencing lifelong attention hunger. To be sure you need to see the signs such as kicking, shouting, crying, and in some cases, crawling or walking if babies are active.

If you are a parent who cares about the personality of your baby in the future, you can solve the crisis experienced at the moment of intimacy with your spouse by getting away immediately and distracting your child. This movement affects positively on child’s behavior both physically and mentally. However, this cannot change your child’s behavior if you don’t know why to trigger your child’s action. Here are some reasons why your child might acting :

  • Baby has more devotion to a parent
  • Baby feels neglected by parents
  • Their parents’ relationship disgusts them.

To prevent this situation and protect your child’s mental health, you should approach calmly and speak to them even if your child cannot speak to you at the moment. Because babies need to care and feel important to attach to their parents. Also, these anger expressions might come from their insecurity.

Each parent must take care of their child accordingly to the plan in this way, you will both effect on the same amount and the child will not feel neglected and don’t need to choose aside.

Try involving the baby in your fun activities You can play games with the baby, get together for group hugs and selfies. Child envy issues are not a new thing. Many parents have experienced this, but it’s nothing to worry about.

And when you hear your baby cry, you should not be scared or embarrass. You should talk to him, as long as he is no danger. You might have to reassure yourself by saying: “I will never abandon you,” and “I’m always with you.” And, if the baby does not calm down, then provide hug or play with him for a while.

It is one of the side effects of modern life on our children we continue to change the world that existed in the past centuries into an age in which parents are more busy than ever before.

To maintain a good relationship and communication with your child you have to be a role model for them.

I hope that this article will be helpful for you. If you have any questions about this subject, please let us know in the comments area below.