Everyone needs to have a clear idea of how much they are spending at home. Your income means that you only have a certain amount to spend each month, and that money could have to stretch to a lot of different places. Here are some of the things that you need to think about if you want to balance your books as accurately as possible.

Work Out a Budget

It is highly critical that you know how to accurately budget. It doesn’t matter if you need to make every cent count or whether you have money to spare, you need to have a rough idea of a budget so that you don’t overspend.

Sit down and work out what your income is, and where some of your biggest expenses might be. It might take you a few months of accurately tracking your income before you are able to fully understand where your money is coming from, and where it is going. Only once you have properly worked out what this budget is will you be able to make adjustments to your spending, hopefully resulting in a healthier relationship with your finances overall.

Understand Your Mortgage

Your mortgage repayments could be one of the biggest expenses that you have each month, so you need to make sure that you understand it perfectly. There are several key things you need to know – how much your repayments are, what your interest rate is, and how long you have left to repay the mortgage.

Once you have these pieces of information, you can potentially make adjustments to make your repayments easier to manage. For example, you might wish to look into home loan refinancing. This can help you to get a rate that is lower and easier to pay, or it might allow you to shorten your mortgage so your home is yours faster. Re-mortgaging your property can seem intimidating, but it is a process that many go through to get themselves a repayment rate that suits their financial needs more.

Get the Right Bills

When was the last time that you checked how much you were paying for your bills? There might be some that you cannot negotiate down, like a maintenance fee that you need to pay for your condo, but you might be able to find a better deal for some of the utilities that you use the most.

Find out how much you pay for important utilities like electricity, gas, and internet. Think those rates could be a little better? It is time to hunt around and see what other options are out there! You might be able to find a company that offers you the same benefits that you currently receive for a much lower rate. Alternatively, you could find a company that offers even more services for the price you currently pay. Switching to one of these will be a much better move for you overall, and could free up a little more income that you could put elsewhere.


Everyone has got to eat, but do you know how much you are spending on food? You could be spending far more than you realise. If you feel like you buy food but only seem to throw it away, you are throwing away money with it. Committing to cooking from home means that you will actually use up the food that you are buying, and will help you to not waste so much of your money for groceries.

You also need to pay close attention to how much you are spending when you are out and about too. There are so many amazing places to eat, but some are more expensive than others. If you think that you are overspending in expensive restaurants, it might be time for you to reacquaint yourself with the food in some of the best hawker centres around.

Try to Put Something to Savings

When money is tight, it can be difficult to do, but you never know when you might need to call on your savings. You need to make sure that you are putting a little away each month where you can – whether it is just as a cushion for emergencies or because you have another use for it.

The most important step here is to put savings away before you have a chance to spend them. Set up a standing order to move the amount that you want to save as soon as you are paid. This will make it seem like it was never there – and it will be safely saved for when you need it.

These are some tips that you can follow to gain more control over your finances. Take control of your spending and balance your books more accurately now. Knowledge and organisation are key here!