Dosh App Review: Is It Legit?

Every once in a while Michelle and I stumble across  an app that we just have to share. Dosh App is one of those apps.

While some people use cash or grab any opportunity just to reduce their credit card bills, most people still like to use their credit cards when shopping, especially online. Michelle and I both believe that credit card debt is bad but we have managed to leverage credit cards for their bonus points.

The Dosh App takes is a bit farther by giving you more cash back on purchases you were already going to make with the cards that you already own. No new credit cards needed.

Whenever you shop online or in the store, the Dosh App allows you to save money on purchases you were already going to make. WIN!

However, a lot of people are still wondering if the Dosh app is really legitimate or if Dosh is just another scam to get other people’s money.

That is why we’ve made an honest review of the Dosh App to know whether it’s legit or not, how it works, and how you can get a cash back using it.

What is the Dosh App?

Dosh is the one of the most popular cash back apps that has been dominating the app stores of both Android and iOS today. Unlike some of the other apps out there, there is not any extra effort to scan your receipts. You just to get a cash back using the Dosh App.

All you have to do is connect your credit card on the app and make a qualifying purchase. After that, your credit card will automatically receive a cash back from Dosh.

The app was founded by a businessman named Ryan Wuerch, who is also the owner of the multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Solavei. Dosh App was released in 2018 and a TON of people are using it every day to save money.

This smartphone app offers a cash back to its users every time they pay using their credit cards at its affiliated stores. Every time you shop in-store, travel, or make online purchases, you will receive a cash back on your credit card.

The goal of Dosh is to allow users to earn a little amount of money whenever they use their credit cards to buy items, book hotel accommodations, purchase flight tickets, and more.

Here is the cool part! Users can easily transfer all the cash they’ve earned from Dosh App to their bank accounts or Paypal.


Cold hard cash from items that you were already going to buy.

Is the Dosh App safe to use?

Privacy might be a concern when using the Dosh App because you have to link your credit card in it in order to earn cash back. With frequent reports of various data leaks and hacks online, privacy has become a mainstream issue for most people.

Good news, since the app was launched to the public, no security issues have been reported. Dosh App assures customers that their personal information, especially their credit card details are secured when they use the app.

Dosh uses bank level security to protect all the information that you share with them. The app is secured with 256-bit encryption.  Plus all customers’ data are securely vaulted and tokenized via Braintree. If you haven’t heard about Braintree, this is a service is provided by Paypal.

Other than that, Dosh also uses Plaid and Cash Flow Solutions Inc. to connect the app users’ data. These two services are used by the app for verification purposes. Users are required by these services to submit their bank account information to Dosh. 

Dosh is working with some of the biggest companies around the world, including Pizza Hut, Sam’s Club, and Forever 21.

Even with these security measures, you should always stay vigilant and be cautious when providing sensitive financial information online. There will always be risks involved, so take precautionary measures.

How does Dosh work?

All you have to do is download the app on the Apple Store if you have an iOS device or on the Google Play Store is you have an Android device. After that, you just need to register and viola!

You can now enjoy the cash back features of it. As your first bonus, you will automatically get a $1-cash back when you linked a credit card on your Dosh account.

Compared to other cash back apps available today, Dosh App is more convenient because you don’t have to scan any receipts or dig a discount or cash back coupon elsewhere on the app.

Once you’ve created an account and linked your card in it, you will be able to get a cash back every time you use your credit card.

Available offers will be listed on the app. All you have to do is browse through the categories that you like, view a list of offers online, or look for the list of in-store offers around your area.

If you already earned $25 on your Dosh account, you can cash it out through your Paypal or bank account.

As of now, this app is only available for people living in the United States. 

How to make money through Dosh

Other than purchasing items to get cash back, you can also earn money using the Dosh App by doing the following tips below.

You will immediately get a $1-cash back once your first credit card is linked to the app. Each credit card you link on the app is equivalent to $1-cash back.

When you invite friends to use Dosh, you can also get a cash back. Your referral code will be shown on the “Refer” option on the app’s menu, which can be sent to your family and friends to encourage them to use the app as well.

Once they click the link or code and download the app, the referral bonus will automatically be earned by your account. You will get $5 or more on each referral.

Our referral code is ERICH220 you can sign up here: Dosh

If that referral books a hotel, you will also get $25 as a cash back. Quite easy to get free money, right?

You can also save money on hotel stays if you use the app when traveling. You can save up to $200 per night on hotel bookings, depending on how expensive the hotel is.

Final Thoughts: Is Dosh App Legit?

With a 4.5 Google Play Store star rating and over millions of downloads, we can say that Dosh’s features are liked by a lot of people. And despite the financial information and sensitive personal data it requires from users, there haven’t been any security issues until now.

If users are experiencing some technical problems, on the other hand, Dosh addresses them immediately and replies to all customer reviews online. In other words, the app is legit.

It provides a good way to earn a little amount of money in a convenient way while shopping using your credit cards. For most people, we recommend the Dosh App.

But, for those shoppers who are concerned about their privacy, this app might not be the best option.