We will not go into formal definitions of business. Let us call a business any activity within the legal framework that has the purpose of generating income. From this point of view, reasoning about business improvement is extremely vague. This article has attempted to identify generalized characteristics of the business. If it succeeds, the advice will be abstract and can be applied to absolutely all types of activity.

Passion and enthusiasm mean as much to business development as investment and a sound business plan. Read how to become a thought leader in any field, conceptualize your business, and captivate co-founders, employees, and customers.

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When asked to name a few business leaders, names like Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, Sheryl Sandberg, the famous businesswoman on the board of directors of Facebook, or Larry Page of Google come immediately to mind.

Why them? It’s because of their smarts and ingenuity. They are also ahead of others because their fields are juicy, innovative, and dramatic, and leapfrogging innovation in them makes leadership more likely.

Use purpose to build a strong foundation

The most important tip is to connect people to your goal, to get co-founders, employees, and users to share the main idea. You don’t have to sell a product. Do not underestimate the passion, love, and enthusiasm that can arise from a lofty goal.

You need to start a movement. Whatever you do, you have to create a solid platform for your leadership – give people a clear idea of what you’re doing it for.

Become part of a community with ideas close to your heart

Instead of developing a global idea for your business from scratch, you can join existing communities that carry an idea close to your heart.

Joining the ranks of various communities is not only a great motivator for employees but also ensures consumer confidence, increases the company’s credibility, and sets it apart from its competitors in today’s crowded marketplace.

Give public speeches

Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book Turning Point tells us that the success of any social epidemic, a mass craze for an idea, depends on a small number of people whose opinions carry a lot of weight.

When you give public speeches, you don’t have to get your ideas to every person in the crowd. The key is to convince a few people who influence with the general public and will start spreading the word about your service.

These can be people who will mention your ideas on their public forum, and then other people will pick up it up and eventually bigger websites will start talking about your ideas and products.

Share your ideas for free

On the one hand, it even sounds scary. How can you give away your ideas for nothing and get nothing in return? But there’s another side.

By spreading your ideology, you solidify your position as a role model. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Your main thing will be to implement them, and spreading them will help you win and strengthen your position as a leader in your field.