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Mvelopes Budget Makeover Review

“Move that Bus!”

Whoops… that is the wrong makeover….

“Move that Budget!”

That is more like!!!

Are you a little fuzzy on your money situation? Maybe you think you are doing the right things but aren’t 100% sure. Or maybe you have no idea where your money is going every month.

If this sounds like you then Mvelopes Budget Makeover is for you.

What is Mvelopes?

Ok. First things first. What is Mvelopes?

Mvelopes is an electronic version of the envelope system. Remember the envelope system is a classic budgeting technique in which all your money is placed into physical envelopes. When done correctly this prevents you from spending more money then you have because you can only spend what’s in the envelopes.

One of the great things above Mvelopes is that it has an app and a web interface. The app allows you to keep track of your envelopes on the fly daily and make changes to your budget. The web version allows you to go deep into your finances with monthly reporting and easy tracking.

What is the Mvelopes Budget Makeover?

The Mvelopes Budget Makeover is a 10 week course that gets customized to you based upon your current situation. You will receive:

  • Financial Wellness Assessment
  • Full access to the Mvelopes App and platform
  • 7 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Daily text messages
  • Weekly guides and challenges
  • 5 Budget Reviews

We will dive into each of those next.

How does Mvelopes Budget Makeover work?

I don’t know how else to describe it… it’s like Weight Watchers for your finances…

Mvelopes Budget Makeover uses a blended approach of one-on-one coaching mixed with a solid core curriculum that will teach you sound budgeting principles. The Mvelopes app and web tool brings it to the next level.

Accountability is critically important whenever you are starting something new. Mvelopes nailed in this aspect.

Changing money habits can be next to impossible to do, especially trying to do it alone. Adding both daily checks and one-on-one coaching is what makes this program so successful.

Mvelopes Budget Makeover Features

Ok. Let’s dig into what makes Mvelopes Budget Makeover work…

Mvelopes Financial Wellness Assessment

One of great things about the Mvelopes Budget Makeover is that your coach will customize their approach to you and your family. This begins by taking their Financial Wellness Assessment.

The Financial Wellness Assessment takes you through a series of multiple choice questions which will allow your financial coach to have better insight into your financial situation.

The assessment ends with selecting two financial goals that are important to you and your family.

Mvelopes App

As part of the program you get full access to the Mvelopes App and online platform.

Michelle and I loved this part of the program…

Okay. Let’s be honest…

I loved this part. Michelle was just okay with it.

FYI… I still wake up every morning excited to move my transactions…

Mvelopes One on One Coaching

As I mentioned it before, I truly believe in personal coaching. In today’s day in age of technical everything, there is nothing that can replace personal coaching.

Wes was our personal coach and I can not tell you how wonderful he was. He helped review our goals and challenged our thinking every time we talked. He walked us through areas in our budget that we could make adjustments such as our cell phone bill…


Each time we talked he shared a ton of great financial tips to help us but he also just made sure everything was going well that week with us.

Having the ability to email our coach at anytime and get a response quickly was amazing. You don’t get that type of service with programs that are just app based.

Outside of the financial education that Wes provided, he also helped us with any technical needs we had with setting up our Mvelope accounts. He made sure we understood how the entire system worked and that we were using it effectively.

Talk about excellent customer service!!!

Over the 7 sessions you can expect your coach to help you uncover and identify goals for the program. Your coach will walk you through how to set up your Mvelopes account and make sure you understand how the technology works.

As the sessions progress, your coach will assist in identifying expenses that could be reduced as well as providing recommendations and insight on your budget such as “Eric stop eating out so much at work….”

Towards the last couple of sessions, your coach will help create your debt rolldown plan and assist in creating future goals.

Mvelopes coaching alone makes the Budget Makeover worth it.

Mvelopes Coach Daily Text Messages

Accountability, Accountability, and Accountability…

Change is HARD!

Mvelopes understands that.

To combat this, you will receive daily text messages reminding your goals, to-dos, or just simple check-ins. This is a simple way that Mvelopes helps you keep your eye on the ball throughout the entire program.

Weekly Guides and Challenges

The weekly guides are broken into 5 themes. Each theme lasts two weeks and builds on each other.


Weeks 1 and 2. At the core of the budget makeover is to build habits and learn skills that will shape your financial future. Awareness is step 1 of this process.


Week 3 and 4. Like any good budgeting system, these weeks focus on teaching where to find budget busters and holes in your budget. The goal of these two weeks is to create some gap between your income and how much you are spending, so that you are not living paycheck to paycheck.


Week 5 and 6. The majority of Americans do not budget. These two weeks focus on building an appropriate budget and to create a financial roadmap. The goal at the end of week 6 is for you to have a long-term budget, understand how to give every dollar a purpose, and have a plan for your personal goals.


Week 7 and 8. Within the Mvelopes system they have a very powerful tool called the Debt Center. It allows you to connect your debt accounts to your Mvelopes account which allows it to do data magic! It allows you to see debt payoff dates, recalculates payoff dates due to extra payments plus adds an extra envelope in your app which will help you funnel money into your prioritized debts!


Week 9 and 10. The Mvelopes Budget Makeover is about making changes in behavior. These final two weeks reinforce the learning that was taught as well as gives you tools to use when you have completed the program. They include a huge library of curriculum as well as practical next steps on your financial journey.

Budget Review

Throughout the program there are 5 budget reviews. The budget reviews are built on the what Mvelopes calls the Success Cycle: Plan, Track, Compare, and Adjust. Through the 5 budget reviews, these principles are reinforced helping you develop a strong budget month after month.

Mvelopes Budget Makeover Advantages

  1. Mvelopes Budget Makeover has one on one coaching. I can not explain how good this is when you are trying to make a change in anything. Having a coach that is willing to hold you accountable, push you, and make you think differently is so important. Too many systems are built around apps and have zero coaching or accountability.
  2. Daily Check Ins. While in the Budget Makeover, it is almost impossible to forget that you are in the program. These daily reminders help keep you focused throughout the entire program.
  3. Online and Phone app. Mvelopes Budget Makeover is different than other programs. It focuses on changes your behaviors and teaching you rather then a shiny app. What Mvelopes does nicely is integrate that learning with the use of their app. At the end of the program you will have the financial knowledge to budget without the app… but the technology makes it so much easier and faster.
  4. Resource library. The learning center is FULL of lessons that will take your learning deeper.
  5. It works… Okay… there is a one BIG caveat. It works if you follow the plan.

Mvelopes Budget Makeover Drawbacks

  1. The program is intense. Especially for someone who is struggling to pay their bills. With that said, the course needs to be intense. Mvelopes is attempting to change behaviors that have been developed over a lifetime in 10 weeks… expect intense.
  2. May not be for everyone. If you are an experienced budgeter who has an emergency fund fully funded and can pull out 2 years of budgets, this probably isn’t for you. If this describes you, then you would be better off signing up for Mvelopes App plans. That will give you access to their technology and learning center.
  3. Can fall behind in the curriculum. As I mentioned in number 1, this is an intense timeline. Weekly guides, budget reviews, and coaching sessions are thrown your way. Your coach will help customize it, but if you can’t commit to doing the work over the ten weeks, then you will fall behind.
  4. Not a magic bullet. Okay… so if you are signing up for Mvelopes Budget Makeover thinking that just by signing up you are instantly going to be a financial guru, then you are wrong. Mvelopes wont be standing next to you when you decide to go to Starbucks and buy a $5 dollar coffee even though its not in the budget.

Mvelopes Budget Makeover Review Summary

One of the first questions that Michelle and I have been asked is “Is the Mvelopes Budget Makeover worth it?” For us, the program has recharged our budgeting battery. Our budgeting routine had been slipping for a while and through the program we were able to identify HUGE budget busters by doing the first Budget Review.

We are currently on track to make our largest debt payment on our student loan in almost a year due to the Budget Makeover. 

So for us, it has been a great choice.

The Mvelopes Budget Makeover is built on a solid financial curriculum. Where the Mvelopes Budget Makeover excels is in their personal interactions. In my opinion the coaching and accountability of the program is what will make a difference in the participants lives.

After 10 weeks, if you follow the plan and listen to your coach, you will be better off than when you started.

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