Welcome to High Five Dad Blog!

I am so excited to finally pull this blog out of the garage and take it for a spin. I have been working for weeks on the backend to make all the connections.

*Not exactly what it looked like but definitely felt like it

If you see something buggy, spelled wrong, or just doesn’t make sense I blame Sawyer, my 3 year old. He was either jumping on my lap trying to tap the keys or making me so tired that I am in a daze.

My name is Eric and I am a pretty typical dad. I have an amazing wife, Michelle who has been by my side for years. (Years…see what I did there… ). On a similar note, I definitely married up 🙂

So what kind of site did you land on?

It’s a question my wife asks me a lot but thats a different story.

I started this blog to share my experiences as a dad, helpful hints on budgets and family finance, how to find the best deal on donuts … did I mention I love donuts. Found out that Krispy Kreme now has a Reese’s Peanut Butter Donut#DietBuster

Raising a family while trying to stick to a budget is difficult but not impossible. I’ll share with you some tips and tricks that we have used to help us take control of our finances while trying to keep the mood light. Money doesn’t have to be such a stuffy topic.

Over the course of time, I hope to learn from readers just like you so please comment below or shoot me a message at [email protected] . I would love to hear from you. No I am serious… what else am I going to do while watching a purple dinosaur dance and sing.


Definitely married up