Side hustles give anyone the opportunity to make extra money at home. You might be a stay at home mom looking to make extra cash for fun trips with your kids or you might be on a quest to pay off all of your debt. No matter your story, there are plenty of side hustles you can start today.

The best thing about side hustles is that most can be done anytime. You schedule them around your free time, not the other way around. There is no limit to how many side hustles you can do at one time aside from the amount of time you can dedicate to them!

Believe it or not, you can make over $1,000 a month through side hustles!  Your goal might be smaller, but realize the chance is there to bring in a decent amount of money each month.

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Side Hustles You Can Start today

Side Hustles You Can Start Today

Side Hustle 1: VIPKID

For those with a bachelor’s degree and any teaching experience, VIPKID is your calling. It is a company that teaches English online. You have the chance to make $22 per hour. The base pay is $7 to $9 per half-hour session. There are no stressful lesson plans or papers to grade.

You pick your hours, but VIPKID does want ESL teachers who can work at least 7.5 hours per week. The desirable times are weekday mornings and weekend evenings.

Don’t worry. VIPKID has a training course that you take to learn everything you need to know. You will need a good quality headset and webcam.

Side Hustle 2: Uber

Uber is a well-known side hustle that is helping people make side income. It is a great gig no matter how much time you have to dedicate. You can drive each night or only on the weekend, whatever works the best for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind. You must be at least 21 years old, have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the United States, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, and must pass a background check.

The other important requirement is that you must have a four-door vehicle that seats at least four passengers excluding the driver. The vehicle must be registered in-state and covered by insurance.

Uber Eats is a new opportunity that lets you deliver food on your scooter, bike or whatever type of transportation you have. It is not available in all locations, but it offers flexibility and a different choice!

Side Hustle 3: Sell on eBay

Some people make entire careers through selling on eBay. The process is called flipping. You find items sold for less than they are worth, whether it is on eBay or at yard sales. Then, you make repairs or sell as-is on eBay for the right amount. eBay is great for collectibles, electronics, designer clothes, and more!

Side Hustle 4: Join Survey Sites

Who doesn’t love surveys? They are easy to do, especially if you have children. Completing paid surveys aren’t a full-time job, but it will give you extra money each month. Some websites pay in rewards rather than cash, but you can use those rewards like cash. Amazon gifts cards are cash, right?

There are dozens of survey sites to use. Most of them are free to join and need opinions from everyone. Here are some to try.

Some survey sites aren’t worth your time. Try one at a time to see if you qualify for enough surveys to make money on their sites. I’ve found that some require so much time that it isn’t worth it.

Side Hustle 5: Start a Blog

Last month alone we crossed over the $1000 dollar mark!!! It was the first time since starting this blog and we just barely made it but it happened. An extra $1000 a month equates to $12,000 more a year!!! If you need help getting starting send me an email at [email protected] . I am serious. I will help walk you through.

Blogging can be a great hobby or creative outlet, but blogging can also make you a full-time income. Many people, myself included, dabble in blogging for years without making money. Spend some time learning techniques and tips on how to make an income from a blog. It takes more than just writing great content! I could easily make a full-time income from blogging if I had the time to spare.

The great thing about starting is a blog is that there is a reader for every niche. If you love building with wood, create a blog offering DIY plans. If you love gardening, offer readers gardening plans and information about plants. If you are a parent, create a blog that reviews baby products! The sky is the limit, and someone is always ready to read your work.

If you want to start a blog, consider checking out my quick start how to start a blog post. I had no idea how to make any money off of a blog until I started reading what other people were doing. There are tons of avenues to consider.

Side Hustle 6: Affiliate Marketing

You don’t always need a blog to become an affiliate marketer. Many companies pay you for the referrals you get them. Most blogs and website generate thousands in revenue through affiliate marketing. While blogging is your best shot at making money this way, it is possible to do so with other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Side Hustle 7: Donate Plasma

If you are squeamish, donating plasma may not be your cup of tea. It can be a lot of work and uncomfortable. You will need blood work, a physical and to answer a boatload of questions before you can start donating.

If you pass the tests, you can donate up to twice a week, depending on the policies at the location. Most places pay around $25 per visit, but that can also vary. While some people like to donate at multiple places, you have to be careful not to over donate and cause health issues.

Side Hustle 8: Sell a Digital Product

Often, selling digital products go hand in hand with starting a blog. Digital products can be an ebook, services, planners, or printables. There is software available that can help you create anything under the sun.

If you are a teacher, you are in luck. There is a huge market for paid printable worksheet or activities. Other teachers or homeschooling parents love to purchase pre-made activities for their kids. Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers offers you this opportunity!

Side Hustle 9: Mystery Shop

I applied for several different mystery shopping companies and found that most aren’t what they claim. Many of them are scams, so be careful. BestMark is a mystery shop in the USA and Canada. Instead of being paid in gift cards or points, you will receive actual cash.

Side Hustle 10: Website Testing

Website testing is a simple way to earn money fast. The amount of money you will earn does vary based on the site. Some pay you less than $10. Others pay up to $12 per test. You have to find out what you qualify to test. Each test takes between 15 to 30 minutes each. That means you might make over $20 an hour if you test two sites a day!

Try these companies to get started website testing.

Side Hustle 11: Try Your Hand at Photography

If you have any skill at taking photographs, taking pictures could be a fantastic side hustle. Unless you want to invest thousands into training and equipment, you won’t be considered a professional photographer, so you can’t charge the big bucks.

However, there are a lot of people who are okay with that and prefer the deep discount you can offer. Practice makes perfect! It is better to pick certain genres, such as newborn, family, birth, maternity photography. Pick what appeals to you the most.

Side Hustle 12: Become an Online Proofreader

Is grammar your thing? Do you hate seeing people post Facebook statuses that are grammatically incorrect? Proofreading could be your dream side hustle. Proofread Anywhere does offer courses to teach you the skills you need to start.

Side Hustle 13: Personal Training

Do you have a love of fitness or working out? Have you lost a lot of weight or participate in bodybuilding? If so, you might want to try being a personal trainer. Not only can you work one on one with people in the gym, but many companies like to offer ways to earn cash as their affiliates. Plus, you get to do what you already enjoy, which is a bonus!

Side Hustle 14: Dog Walking

I used to think that dog walking was a joke. Do people actually pay for this service? I was surprised when I learned that yes, people do, especially if they work long hours out of the house.

Depending on your location, you may be able to charge $15 to $20 per walk. Once you build up a clientele, dog walking can bring you hundreds each week. Word of mouth, along with advertising, will get you more clients. Plus, dog walking keeps you outside in the sun.

Side Hustle 15: Become a Freelancer

Freelance writing was the first side hustle that made a huge difference for me. I always loved to write, but I had no idea I could make an income from it aside from publishing a book.

You don’t need to be an English major or have any writing degree to become a freelance writer. Now, you don’t have to write. You can be a designer, copywriter, virtual assistant or more. People make incomes from Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Check out Fiverr for freelancing opportunities. Fiverr is a great place to pick up gigs quickly and begin making money today!

Side Hustle 16: Become a House Sitter

If you don’t have kids and like to travel around, getting paid to house sit could be the gig for you. Some people coincide their vacations with house sitting gigs. It might feel like an inconvenience to relocate often, but consider it an adventure and a way to see other parts of the country.

What is house sitting? It is just what it sounds. You take care of someone’s house and potentially their pets. This doesn’t mean you can have outlandish parties in their homes. It is essential, especially if you want to land gigs from their friends, that you be respectful and take proper care of their home. Water the plants and dust some tables while you are there.

Side Hustle 17: Sell on Poshmark

Poshmark is hot right now, so jump on the trend. It might take some getting used to how to sell your stuff, but once you get the hang of it, you will make cash. You don’t need designer and higher priced items to sell. If you do, you will make a lot of money.

Side Hustle 18: Serve at a Restaurant

Okay, hear me out. You have to leave the house for this side hustle, but waiting tables can be lucrative. Most restaurants need servers who can work strange hours or are willing to fill in shifts. Small restaurants struggle to keep a full staff, so they often need people during seasonal times.

I worked as a server for 12 years and found that I could make fantastic money, especially during the holidays. The shifts are typically short, five hours or less. If you pick one or two shifts up a week, you can easily make over $500 a month. You probably spend more time than that each week watching TV.

Side Hustle 19: Clean Houses

If you have a few hours to spare each week, cleaning houses can make you some dollars. Start off by offering to people you know. They might want their house scrubbed down before the holidays arrive. Word of mouth will get you more clients. You can clean as many houses as you want each week. Most people are willing to pay $15 to $20 per hour, especially for deep cleaning.

Side Hustle 20: Rent Your Home on Airbnb

Do you have a basement apartment or spare room in your house? If so, Airbnb is a great side hustle that doesn’t require much from you. All you have to do is rent out space in your house for those who are traveling. Your house should be neat and well-designed.

The better host you are, the better reviews you will get. The better reviews you get, the more people who will stay with you. You could easily make a few hundred per week. Here are some tips.

  • Make sure you have space available during high-demand times. Check local events such as conventions, concerts, and sporting events.
  • Stock your place with toiletries such as towels, toilet paper and more.
  • Be friendly! People want to visit and stay somewhere with personality and personal rather than a chain hotel.

Side Hustle 21: Sell What You Make

Are you crafty? Selling your creations is a great side hustle because you can create and sell as much as you comfortably can. Etsy allows you to reach worldwide with your wares. You can set up booths at craft festivals or make a Facebook page to sell what you create. Make money with hobbies that you already do!

The sky is truly the limit as to what you can create but here are some ideas.

  • Crocheted or knitted wares
  • Custom embroidery
  • Soap
  • Lotions
  • Cheeses
  • Baked goods such as bread or cupcakes

Side Hustle 22: Transcription

Transcription can be a side hustle or your main hustle. Thousands of people work from home as a transcriber and make an average income. Depending on your skills and training, some transcribers can make over $60,000 a year. That is impressive.

You do need to take an instruction course to become a transcriber. Most of the time, you can create your schedule and work at your own pace. Companies like Transcribe Anywhere offers you all the information you need to get started!

Legal and medical transcriptions typically require some experience. Researchers, reporters and more take people with no experience. Transcribers are paid per audio hour. Being able to concentrate and listen is a necessity. If you are interested check out Transcribe Anywhere, they have EVERYTHING you need to start.

Side Hustle 23: Paid to Shop

Everyone makes purchases, so why not make money off of our purchases? These types of apps are becoming increasingly popular. All you have to do is check the app and see what offers there are. Head to the store (or the website) and purchase what you want. Take a picture of the receipt and redeem the offer. It couldn’t be any more simple.

Side Hustle 24: Garden and Sell Produce

Farmer’s markets are popular right now as people want local, organic produce. If you have a green thumb, consider growing and selling produce. Despite what you might think, you don’t need acres to grow enough produce to sell. Square foot gardening allows you to grow the most amount of produce possible in a small space.

We can grow half of the produce our family needs in less than 1/3 of an acre. It is all about being wise with your space. You also don’t have to sell each week. Selling at a farmer’s market can bring you a few hundred dollars each month.

Side Hustle 25: Create a Course

eCourses are popular right now. People want to learn new skills, and they will pay to take courses to learn. Perhaps you are already a blogger making money. Write an ecourse teaching others to do the same. You can make a course about anything.

Courses don’t have to be online. You can set up classes to teach other people skills in person. Gardening, sewing, canning, knitting, working on cars and more are all ideas! Set up your classes at your local library or wherever you can find space.

Side Hustle 26: Babysit

Babysitting isn’t just for the teenager looking for extra cash. Parents need babysitters, regular and irregular. If you can get CPR certified, you will be more appealing to parents.

Care is a great website to offer your services or offer to people you know locally. If you have a full-time job already, start with offering babysitting times for date nights or when Mom wants to go grocery shopping alone. Pay varies based on your location, but it can be between $10 to $20 per hour.

Make sure that you create a nice profile for clients to view. They may want a background check, as you can imagine. Talk to the clients beforehand and come with activities for the kids. Parents can leave reviews, and better reviews get you more clients.

Are you ready to start a side hustle today?

Finding a side hustle that works for you isn’t difficult. Just remember that time is money. The side hustle has to be worth your time. If you aren’t making enough money to make it worth your time, move onto the next gig. There are hundreds of ways to make money on the side. All you need to do is dive in and try one!

Parents do you know how kids can make money? Yep! They can start a side hustle TOO!

Want even more ideas??? Here are more side hustles that you can start for no money.

Bonus Side Hustle: Teespring Teeshirts

Have you ever wanted to create your own Teeshirt business? Teespring is a great way to get started with ZERO overhead. Check out our massive step by step guide on how to start your teespring side hustle.