We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But seriously… who has time for that?!?

If you are like me, you are scrambling to get everyone out the door fast enough to get to school or to get to work that most days we skip breakfast.

Well look no more. Here are 10 fast, easy, and low carb breakfast recipes that will last you 2 weeks!!!



Two Ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes

Found at: Bare Feet in the Kitchen

Going carb free doesnt mean you have to give up your morning pancakes!!!

Our little guy absolutely loves these!!!

and I have to admit… so do I!

Low-Carb Lemon Blueberry Blender Muffins

Source: Primavera Kitchen 

If you have landed on my blog you know that I love recipes and meals that you can make in bulk and freeze for later.

Muffins are a great item to have in the freezer that you can simple warm up in the toaster over or microwave for a simple snack.


Source: Spend with Pennies

Make ahead anything is perfect for busy mornings…

If on Sunday night you plan out some of your breakfasts you can have a week’s worth of these delicious breakfast meals ready to go.

That way you can just grab and go!


Source: Foodie Fiasco 


Have you missed these things???!??

I know we did!

That is until we found a recipe on Foodie Fiasco!

It’s not that we are against eating eggs every day… haha but it can get a bit boring. These waffles are great change up.

French Toast Egg Puff

Source: Sugar Free like Me

Similar to the waffles, we have missed French toast.

Growing up that was like a Sunday morning routine.

These French Toast puffs are a great simple alternative that tastes great.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Omelet

Source: Sugar Free Like Me

That’s back to back recipes from Sugar Free Like Me…. Obviously we visit them often… ­čÖé

Take a look at there other recipes. You will not be disappointed.

Low-Carb Breakfast Burrito with Bacon and Avocado

Source: Living Chirpy



Should I even go on?!?




Fat bombs are definitely a Keto low carb thing…

If you are not into it… skip this…

However if you are heavy into Keto then this is your FAT BOMB!!!

Cinnamon & Pecan Keto Porridge

Source: Keto Diet App

Keto Diet App has a LOT of recipes.

This is a simple and delicious breakfast treat!!!

Lemon Kale Bake

Source: Savory Spin 

Don’t skip out on breakfast! Honestly it really is the most important meal of the day.

What is your go to breakfast?