With cryptocurrencies taking over the world and their increased popularity, many job positions in this field are opening up. This kind of career is most appealing to the younger generations, but it doesn’t exclude people of all ages. The main question is what kind of jobs are being offered? And how can you land one of them?


Let’s see who is actually hiring in this field? Well, these kinds of jobs are mostly put out there by start-ups, industries, tech firms, and governments. Positions in this field are closely tied to a blockchain system so some of the positions are: Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Solution Architect, Blockchain Project Manager, Blockchain UX Designer, Blockchain Legal Consultant, etc. So what kind of skillset do you need for them?

It would be good to have some real-life experience in this field, like investing. Other desirable backgrounds are in computer science and engineering as some of the roles require knowledge of computer languages and programming. Some of the other skills that you should have are blockchain architecture, programming languages for example JavaScript and Python, smart contract languages, web development, algorithms used to process data, and cryptography. You should also be able to stay informed about the latest changes and inventions in the field and possess a high level of problem-solving abilities.

Let’s take a closer look into your responsibilities and what each of these position demand from you.

Blockchain developer

As a blockchain developer, you would create applications on the blockchain. You need profound knowledge of programming languages and a background in programming, Details matter the most here as this is a high-ranking position. It is considered one of the most paid positions in this field, but it does come with a lot of responsibility and long hours behind the computer.

Blockchain solution architect

In this position, your responsibility would be to connect with the team of experts such as developers who are responsible for creating the technology and analyzing the technology environment. You will be working on things like setting the collaboration framework, participating in technology selection, and creating a solution prototype. This role combines the technical and creative aspects of blockchain so it’d be ideal to have experience with both types of approaches.

Blockchain UX designer

With blockchain being incorporated into so many industries, its design of it is becoming really important. As a Blockchain UX designer, your responsibility would be to make it as alluring and trustworthy to a regular user as possible. Details are important here, but it requires some amount of creativity as well. As seen in the Blockchain Developer career you would spend many hours behind the computer trying to find the best way to present the product to the customer.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

As in many other development careers, here too, we need someone to test the product before realizing it to the public. As a Blockchain Quality Engineer, you would conduct all the required testing and automation of frameworks for blockchains. A good eye for detail is also required here because even the smallest mistake would affect all of those that use it. Good communication skills are a plus, as you will communicate a lot within the company about the best testing practices for that particular project.

Blockchain Legal Consultant

As in any other field, it is important to have a legal consultant. Companies that are launching these new technologies are looking to know how best to market and invest their money. For this role, good communication skills are a must. You also need to know a lot about international law since blockchain technology doesn’t have borders, as it is spread across the globe.

PR and Marketing Manager

One the other career that does not involve the development of the blockchain is PR and Marketing Manager. After all, when the companies develop their blockchain technologies they need someone to manage how it will be sent into the world and represented to the general public. These things are important because no matter how good the technology is, without proper marketing and PR they will not stand out in the sea of competitors that all have the same ambitions. Good communication skills are also required here but the ability to research the market and see the best way to sell technology is essential.


As the industry expands, companies are looking for more and more experts in this field. Indeed, the online platform for hiring and job search has reported an increase in positions in this field. Although the industry is still very young this shows us the signs of it maturing, and it is happening fast. There is a bright future for those that are looking for a job in this sector, however, the demand has been consistently increasing as many people are looking to change their career plans and move to this branch. A great way to start your cryptocurrency journey is by gaining experience within the market itself. You can easily sell crypto with the CEX.IO, a platform where you can trade crypto.