First of all, all parents agree that when we say home with children, we think of toy pieces everywhere. These toys cannot be collected all the time, and apart from clutter, they also create dust. This dust and dirt invite serious diseases such as sinusitis and asthma for young children.

Make sure that cleanıng and tidiness are your priority activity. In this way, you can reflect this perception to your child and instill order and rigor. By creating certain playgrounds in your home, you can prevent the chaos that may occur with your child while keeping the toy clutter at a certain point and making your work easier.

Everyone wants to create a certain order and cleanliness in their home, but individuals who have children need to take certain steps more frequently and carefully since the houses they live in are more prone to dispersal. But how should parent with toddlers clean and involve their children in this activity?

Turning Tidiness and Cleaning Into a Fun Activity

In order to establish a certain order in the house, you can create a stylish and useful orderly environment with handcrafted products that you will create apart from the rules you can set with your child. Here are some examples for you to try:

  • Cardboard lego boxes that can be made with some glitter and glue
  • A small bookcase made of wood can be hung on the wall to keep night reading books organized
  • You can stick a doll on it without running the robot vacuum cleaner, this way you can try to get your doll to collect the dolls.
  • You can collect big toys with a basket that looks like a basketball hoop.
  • For the cleaning part, you can make a little wire broom for your child that he will use to cleaning idea.
  • You can organize a competition to throw the laundry into the machine.

On the other hand, you can involve your child in these activities by turning tidiness and cleaning into a fun activity. One of the methods you can use is to ask your child to watch a cartoon while you clean. Another method is to choose a child’s song that makes cleaning fun and ask your child to sing with you, while both of you are busy doing housework.

In this way, you will be able to develop a good relationship with your toddler and he will learn that keeping the house tidy is important as well as cleanliness.

Showing your child the relationship between cleanliness and hygiene, will making him interested in doing the same.