When we think of Valentine’s Day today, we immediately think of fancy dinners, lots of chocolate and expensive gifts. Isn’t it more important to celebrate each other’s special moments on a day when you are in love? We can assure you that turning Valentine’s Day into a more spiritual and sincere celebration, rather than just creating a show to social media audiences , will make your partner happier.

 If you are asking where to begin with here is a list of Cheap but thoughtful valentine’s day gift ideas.

What I Love About You by Me Book

Price: $10.00

This cute and personal gift little hardcover tells you exactly what you love about someone special. The reason the gift is personal is to complete the fill-in-the-blank answers and simple prompts on each page without giving it to your lover with obscene explanations or sincere feelings.

Banned Book Socks

Price: $12.00

 If your lover is a bookworm these cute socks will be the best gift idea for you. It is this special design in which paragraphs of many books such as The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird are printed. well, but knowing that these books were banned for a while in the past, doesn’t that make this product more interesting, don’t you think?

Make your lover happy by making a reference to the past with these socks with censored and forbidden books.


Williams Sonoma Classic Solid Adult & Kid Aprons

Price: 24.95 USD

If your lover likes to spend time in the kitchen trying new recipes or cooks professionally, one of the best gifts you can get is a personalized kitchen apron, so you get a special useful gift for her and you pay a reasonable price.

Music Playing Cards

Price: $10.00

In this deck of music lovers’ cards, the cards carry portraits of the star and the genres are represented by suits. If your lover loves listening to music and artists, you can buy these cards and create a fun activity that you can play together.

Vampire Repellent

Price: 13.00 USD

OTOTO Gracula is a whimsical garlic crusher which looks like a tiny vampire. Isn’t it funny. He is both adorable and using it so simple.To use it just plop a few cloves into the base, and then pop on the top and switch the neck of vampire that’s all.