Amazon has made a series of acquisitions in the field of smart home services by expanding the range of products it sells recently. These incredible products aim both to protect your life and to prevent theft of your property by calling the police in case of possible theft. Home security services in this category include face-to-face visits by Amazon consultants to recommend and install all the equipment and kit you need. And we must remind you that there is no monthly service contract, significantly reducing how many home security services are sold today. Let’s examine a few security tools in this category together in this article.

Amazon's Best Security Devices for Your Home

Ring Chime Pro

It is a three-in-one Chime Pro device that includes a wifi extender for your home security ring cameras and doorbells, a night light, and a ring box to hear notifications for your Ring cameras. Bring flexibility, convenience and peace of mind to your home with this incredibly comfortable security gadget and doorbell.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

If you want an alert notification to your phone when doors and windows are opened in your home, this device is just for you! easy to use and high quality functional tool that will last a long life is easy to install. If desired, it can also be mounted on window frames apart from the main door. Package includes two 3V CR2032 batteries and requires a Ring Alarm Base Station to work.

WiFi Door Alarm System, Wireless DIY Smart Home Security System, with Phone APP Alert, 8 Pieces-Kit

this is a very smart way to protect your house. With tolviviov Smart Home Security System, you will get 8-piece kit includes the 1 alarm siren station, 5 windows & door sensors and 2 remote controls. No contracts and no subscription fee forusage this system only buy one time. Your tolviviov Home Alarm System can be easily controlled by Away, Disarm, and Home modes with your voice by working and connecting it with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Z-wave Plus Rare Earth Magnets Door & Window Sensor

The Ecolink Door/Window protection device has been tested by the manufacturer to be compatible with ZWAVE Plus Home Automation HUBs or controllers. this particular protection provider is Samsung SmartThings Certified and can work with your ZWAVE hub, but Ecolink cannot guarantee it. Besides it has both White and Brown plastic windows housing options are included to match any decor.